Sand Rail Fabricators is a six brother family own business with over 20 years of experience. Officially established in 1998, guided by our father who is a welder since the age of 13, we have emerged to become one of the most successful companies in the sand rail industry. We are dedicated to fulfill your expectations of a sand rail and off-road vehicle. Our unique style as well as our dedication to build the best sand cars has earned us the respect from the sand rail enthusiasts, and even from our competitors.

Many of our customers have been dazzled by the fact that Sand Rail Fabricators was established in 1998, it has ten years of existence and yet our advertisement states that we have over 20 years of experience. Well, we would like to take this opportunity to clarify this fact.

Sand Rail Fabricators roots go back to 1978, when our father, Facundo Olivares migrated to the United States in search of a better living for his family and himself. For our father (31 yrs at that time), as an immigrant, being a welder was the only hope for survival, so he dedicated himself to find a job where he could exploit the occupation he knew best. For the first couple of years he worked for a iron company constructing doors and windows, but it wasn’t enough. His expectations were much higher, so he looked for another job where he could demonstrate what he was really capable of doing.

Mean while, back in Mexico, the older sons, Filiberto Olivares and Jose Olivares, who had seen and helped our father work, started fixing their neighbors broken doors and windows. It was something in which they could adventure since they had the equipment left by our father and most of all, they had the necessity.

During the year of 1984, Facundo came into a buggy shop in search for a better job, and it was given to him. In the following years, 1985, Filiberto also migrated to the United States. Hired by Mike Hanson, Filiberto or ‘Beto’ as we all know him now a days, started working part time next to our father at Sand Buggy Supply. As a young boy, Beto learned very quickly and earned the respect of Ken Hayworth and Mike Hanson. For reasons out of our their hands, Facundo had to leave the job shortly after Beto’s arrival but nevertheless he had laid the foundation for what is now Sand Rail Fabricators.

In the year of 1986, following the pattern of a migranting family Jose also migrated to the US and started working at Sand Buggy Supply. Together, Beto and Jose demonstrated something that others failed to demonstrate; dedication, leadership and that the Olivares brothers had the ambition and desire of becoming successful in the Sand Rail Industry. A quality that Ken and Mike could appreciate and therefore when Sand Buggy Supply was sold in July 1990 to the current owner, Denis Hall, Beto and Jose were the only personnel to keep the job.

By the years of 89-90 the rest of our family, my mother Francisca Olivares, my sisters Coti and Reyna, my brothers Simon, Joaquin, and me, Lucio Olivares, also migrated to the US and permanently settled in Los Angeles, California.
In the following years even though Beto and Jose were only employees at Sand Buggy Supply, they were dedicated to produce high quality sand rails that were recognize in the industry. Once again their dedication to the company earned Sand Buggy Supply the respect from competitors. The innovating ideas they brought to the company and the incorporation in 1991 of a younger brother, Jaime Olivares, increased the productivity and quality of the sand rails, But there was always something that can’t be expressed in words that prevented them from achieving what they had dreamed of.

By 1998, motivated by our father and a long desired for personal growth, Beto, Jose, and Jaime decided to establish a company of their own, a company where they could implement their creativity without any limitation. It was then when Sand Rail Fabricators Inc. was officially established under the management of Facundo Olivares. During the following years, they dedicated themselves to work for both companies, full time at Sand Buggy Supply and part time at Sand Rail Fabricators. But due to high demands for productivity at Sand Rail Fabricators Jose and Jaime were forced to quit their jobs at Sand Buggy Supply and dedicate themselves full time at Sand Rail Fabricators Inc. and the younger brothers joined the shop shortly after and contributed to the production of sand rails.

Our older brother Beto decided to keep both jobs, and continues to work in both companies. Today, we continue to have good relationship with Denis Hall and we thank him for being a good person to us. Beto still works there and Sand Buggy Supply continue providing high quality sand rails.

As for Sand Rail Fabricators, since we opened our doors to the public we’ve been dedicated to innovate the sand rail industry. We have developed high performance sand rails that are properly engineered to handle great in the sand as well as in the desert. Our unique stylish sand rails stand out from the rest. The luxurious sporty looking Dominator model is probably the nicest sand rail out there, not only made nice, but also made tough. Its great comfort, optimum performance and unique design makes the Dominator the most popular and most desirable Sand Rail in the industry.

The Challenger model is for those who seek aggressiveness and comfort. Its highly engineered design distinguishes it from the rest in its class, while very aggressive continues to have the Sand Rail Fabricators off-road style, comfort and optimum performance found in the Dominator.

The Revolution is the premium dual sport sand rail we’ve design. It is a fusion between Dominator and Challenger. More like a Pre-Runner, while very aggressive like the challenger, it continues to have the luxury style of the Dominator and the toughness of both. It’s the optimum sand rail for those who seek everything in an off-road vehicle.

And for those who just cant live without a mid engine sand rail, we’ve design the most advance mid-engine car, which we’ve called, the M-Car. It was built tough, with the front end design style of the Dominator yet it has its own style that makes it a unique sand rail with an extraordinary performance you should expect from a true mid engine sand rail.

Jose Olivares is in charge of business management since 2002 along with his wife Alejandra. From time to time he also take part in production. Beto is mostly in charge of building the sand rails, once designed by everyone, and is incharge of any other job that requires his expertise. Jaime is also in charge of the fabrication of sand rails and takes care of sheet metal work and any other custom work that sand rails may need to feed our customers need. Since 1998, Simon, Joaquin, and Lucio, we have dedicated part time to the shop since we all have persuaded a higher education. Nonetheless, our influences have thought us to be dedicated in everything we do, and therefore we also enjoy making sand rails. We also count with a other family employees such as our cousins Memo and Moi, who have dedicated time to their jobs. Although every member of our family has been assigned a different job at Sand Rail Fabricators, we all bring ideas and take part in the development of new projects at Sand Rail Fabricators.

One of the characteristics that make Sand Rail Fabricators different from the rest is our dedication to provide you not only our services but to offer you the opportunity for you to have your dreamed sand rail built. Sand rail fabricators, has not only been dedicated to provide the best sand rails in the sand industry but we are dedicated to provide our customers with all the services a company like us should offer to its customers. As a family business that we are, we really dedicate the time to

build a highly engineered and a safe sand rail because we understand that the well being of your family depends on it. We are a very united family who cares about every single member of our family and understand the importance of being safe and believe us that we would not be selling a product in which ourselves would not feel safe. It is therefore that every single Sand Rail undergoes several high inspections before leaving our premises. That is why our customer trust us thier more personal and delicate projects.

At Sand Rail Fabricators we like to develop a close relationship with our customers. After receiving their sand rail most of our customers continue coming back for service and advice regarding their sand rails or simply for just a friendly visit, and that makes us unique. We stand behind our products and care for every customer needs. And this relation between our customers and us has become more like family relation and we feel proud to consider every single of our customers as part of our Sand Rail Fabricators Family. We also like to spend time with them, and therefore we have made the SandRail Fabricators Day a family tradition now.

We, Sand Rail Fabricators, are not a huge corporation as others companies may presume to be, but we have earned the respect of the sand rail enthusiasts, and even from our competitors. Since Sand Rail Fabricators was established, we’ve seen the rise and fall of many others, yet Sand Rail Fabricators continues to provide the best sand rails in the industry. We have accomplished more in few years than what others have accomplished in many years. And we feel proud to have many of our sand rails featured in some of the most elite sand sports magazines and calendar in the industry, not to mention some TV shows such as Spyke TV and English and Spanish News.


That is one of the thing that make us a great company, and we thank everyone of you, our Sand Rail Fasbricators' customers, friends, and family for supporting us throughout these years. We would not be standing at this position if it wasn't for your support. We thank you for loyalty and appreciation of our work and effort. Sand Rail Fabricators will continue to provide you with the best sand rails as we have done all these years. and hopefully our sand rail fabricators family will continue to grow in the following years.

This page may seem different to many others that you have probably seen and read. It may seem to be too personal of a story for a company profile, but that’s one of the things that make us unique. And hopefully we have clarified what many have asked.

Yes, Sand Rail Fabricators has only ten years of being officially established but we posses the experience that most would desire.

Sand Rail Fabricators setting the standards in perfection!!!